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january 1, 2004
Here it is, baby! 2004!

What an exciting year 2003 was, though. From recalls of governors to newfound living spaces in Tikrit spider holes, and not seeing a problem with sleeping with children in bed to finding the true American Idol, so much has gone on this past year that will be worth remembering forever. But, I must say, the Paris Hilton video didn't meet the hype.

After your long night of drinking and partying with Dick Clark, I want to wish you all 365 more days of goodness and love. I have a feeling this year is going to be an even more exciting one than last. So many of you have wished me luck and told me that you KNOW 2004 will be a great year for me. Well, I certainly hope so. I'm planning on soon recording some of my original songs, as well as more covers. The original recordings will be a big undertaking with a lot of musicians, singers, and many people will many ideas and credentials... and many more surprises. I'm so excited, and can't wait for you all to hear what I'm working on.

Who knows where something like that can take me, but it's time to get my name out and do all the work that I can to be able to entertain people on a much larger scale. I hope that you will all help me as much as you can with this. The power of people can be amazing and we CAN do this, because you all should know that, wherever life leads me, I am taking you with me!

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday! I'm keeping this rant short and sweet, but please keep visiting the site, sending it to your friends and whoever else. If you have comments, ideas, pictures of me performing, clips of me singing, anything like that, send them to me at

love, love, laugh, be happy, and stay sexy

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