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[[posted by Jay]]
Ring in the New Year as Anthony sings Janis Joplin, Tina Turner, and Stevie Wonder in Phoenix Productions' New Years Show! CLICK HERE for more info!!

[[posted by Jay]]
Well it seems as if the website is a big success. Anthony is grateful to all of his loyal friends, family, and fans who are supporting him and giving their best wishes. There is a good chance you are here because the homepage told you to. Haha, my evil plan has worked. Okay, maybe it's not an evil plan. It is true. Anthony is scheduled to do some recordings with his good friends in Course Of Evolution. No firm date has been set, but check back frequently to hear the festive tunes they will produce together.

[[posted by Jay]]
Oh my! This is breaking news coming straight out of the closet. I know you have all been wet with excitement and now the time has finally come. is officially open to the public. You are not dreaming, I assure you. After much time has been put in to develop and arrange the site, we are proud to say we are open. So go ahead, look around, and enjoy your experience. Everything is up and running except for the "visual" section of audio/visual, as the pictures are being formatted for the page. So tell all your friends to check out the website and make sure to return for future updates.

p.s.- Dean for America in 2004